Here's what Regina George's little sister from Mean Girls looks like now

Shock horror, an actress from Mean Girls has grown up as time has passed. 

And she looks different because she was only a little child when the movie was made!

Remember Regina George's little sister Kylie? She wasn't in the movie for long but she found a place in our hearts for her iconic dance to Kelis' Milkshake.

Kylie is now 20 years old! And she's a babe!

Nicole Crimi who played Kylie is a talented artist. She left acting to focus on her education and being creative in another field, and is currently an undergrad at McMaster University in in Ontario, Canada.

"I'm currently studying science and working as a student researcher. I have aspirations of going to medical school," Crimi told BuzzFeed.

Apparently she still loves Mean Girls, and doesn't mind everyone still thinking of her as Kylie George, and even shared a great pic to celebrate Mean Girls Day: "It's October 3rd". YES.

"I mostly remember playing games with anyone that had time and laughing because they put dog treats in Amy Poehler's shirt to get that dog to bite it in that one scene", she said in 2017. "Amy Poehler is just a really funny person and I loved hanging out with her!"