Demi Lovato's bullying story from her doco will break your heart

scandal 20/10/2017

Demi Lovato’s new documentary Simply Complicated is here and there are heaps of ups and downs. The doco sheds some light on Demi's life and her bullying story is seriously heartbreaking.

Demi explores her early years in the documentary and straight away she chats about her anxiety surrounding the interview/documentary, explaining the last time she did an interview this long, “I was on cocaine. It was called ‘Staying Strong.’”’

Lovato further explained, “growing up, I had been bullied in school,” saying she “felt like an outsider," and "like an outcast,” but then she became friends with a girl who was popular. “One day, I asked her ‘how do you have all these friends?,’” Lovato noted, and the girl asked Lovato “do you party?"

Lovato explained, "She asked me, 'Do you drink?,'" with Lovato saying that this was her first experience with drugs and alcohol, adding, “we experienced a lot of stuff together, drinking and using, and growing up.”

Lovato also explained some of the feelings she grappled with when she was younger, noting: “I was depressed at a very, very young age, fascinated with death, wondering what it would be like to have a funeral. I never knew why I would think so darkly, and it took me a long time to figure out what was actually going on.”

Later in the documentary, Lovato discussed her eating disorder and the bullying she endured in school as a kid. She explained:

"When I was 12, I was bullied, I developed a social anxiety where I didn’t trust other girls my age. Then one day, this girl this girl who was popular started saying ‘Demi should kill herself. She should slit her wrists.’ It resulted in a suicide petition that got passed around and she had other classmates sign it.

When Lovato asked why they were treating her that way, they had no reasons. Lovato explained, “I had no friends. I was alone. So I went off of what they were calling me, which was a ‘whore’ and ‘being fat.'"

She called her mom, who picked her up from school and, Lovato explained, “that’s when my eating disorder developed.”

The story is so heartbreaking and we're so glad she's shared her story so that others can know it's ok to not be ok and that people can overcome things like this!