Covergirl has replaced their 'easy, breezy, beautiful' slogan

It's just as iconic as 'Maybe it's Maybelline' but CoverGirl has decided to go and change things up.

For the past 60 years, CoverGirl's slogan has been 'Easy, Breezy, Beautful' which is why it's something everyone knows. Senior vice president of CoverGirl, Ukonwa Ojo, has shared the reason for replacing their slogan:

In leading the relaunch, we started with the insight that people no longer strive for a singular standard of beauty, but use makeup as a tool for self-expression and personal transformation.

CoverGirl officially revealed their new slogan 'I Am What I Make Up' last night on Insta saying it "celebrates the power of every individual to create who they are and who they want to be".

The new slogan was introduced as part of their new campaign which features Katy Perry, Insecure's Issa Rae, Ayesha Curry and more.

Even though we're a fan of the new slogan, you will be missed and remembered 'Easy, Breezy, Beautiful'.