Could another 'Wizards Of Waverly Place' movie be on the way?

scandal 19/10/2017

Get ready to get that them song stuck in your head again, because Wizards Of Waverly Place caught be getting a new movie! 

We'll always be hoping to see the three wizards together again and it looks like we aren't the only ones. Last week the show turned 10 years old and, during and interview with International Business Times, creator Todd J. Greenwald said that not only does he want a prequel series but another movie too!

I definitely want a ‘Wizards’ theatrical somehow, I definitely a ‘Wizards’ prequel series, somehow.

Definitely just not the same ‘Wizards’ we’re used to. It’s the same characters, but it’s much more high-budget, mature and that would be cool. Definitely PG-13.

Todd also talked about the questions he'd want to answer in the movie too:

Does Alex have kids or not? Is Justin still at WizTech? Is Max [Austin] still at the sub station? Do we even age it up and say that Jerry and Theresa [Maria Canals-Barrera] got a divorce? You can go there.

Who else wants this to happen ASAP!?