10 things you'll only remember if you grew up with MSN Messenger

trending 02/10/2017

Ahhh the memories of dial-up internet and MSN Messenger. Those were the days. Kinda. Waiting for mum to get off the phone before you could use the internet was kind of annoying tbh.

Here are 10 things that you'll totally remember if you grew up in those ~MSN dAyz~

Waiting for the log-in screen

Creating your own emoticon shortcuts

Asking your crush for their MSN account details, not their number

Nudging someone when they didn't reply quickly enough

Attempting to hide whatever you had been talking about from your parents

Signing in and out of MSN to attract the attention of your crush

Changing your status to appear offline so you no longer had to talk to someone

Mustering up the courage to tell your crush you liked them, only to blame it on your "friend" a second later

Waiting HOURS for a single song to transfer...Soulja Boy anyone??

And picking the PERFECT song to get that message across to your crush...