Love Island couple offering $47K reward for stolen sex tape

scandal 30/10/2017

In this update of Love Island news, one of the couples have reportedly had their sex tape stolen.

Apparently the sex tape was recorded back in August featuring an unnamed couple from the show. Police are investigating the theft of the tape which was stolen from Rob Cooper, the star's publicist, car in a smash and grab. 

Talking with Mirror Online, Rob has said the tape was going to be sold to Vivid Entertainment in Hollywood (the same company behind Kim K's famous tape) for more than £100k ($191,275 NZD).

"The laptop and three SD cards were in a laptop sleeve placed in the footwell on the passenger's side alongside some paperwork".

"I was on the phone to another client via a handsfree kit, so when I pulled into the services I ended the call at 6:06pm, then after spending ten minutes inside I reconnected the phone and continued my journey at 6:17pm, that's how I can be so specific on timings".

"When I returned to the car, I noticed that the door was slightly jarred open, however, there was a Louis Vuitton backpack on the back seat which was still there so I assumed I was just being paranoid - when I got home I realised the laptop sleeve was gone along with its contents."

According to Rob though, this isn't just any sex tape. This was an 'explosive' threesome with not only the couple, but a famous male model too. 

"The footage starts out with just the couple, however, halfway through an additional male does join in.

It's an explosive threesome, something I don't think any other celebrity sex tape has done before, it's essentially a threesome, the recording is 100 per cent heterosexual, however, it is very homoerotic.

If the images get into the wrong hands, they could be uploaded online, that's why we've decided to make it public and offer a generous reward for their safe return of the individually coded bag".

He wasn't kidding when he said 'generous reward either'. Rob has said the couple are willing to pay half of the £25,000 ($47,818 NZD) reward being offered for the return of the tape.