'Cheese Tea' is here and we just threw up a little

trending 04/10/2017

We aren't sure how to feel about this one because in one hand we love cheese, like really love cheese: 

And on the other hand we love tea but together? We can't see that working out.

Unlike us though, there loooks to be lots of people loving this crazy combo. 'Cheese Tea' original went crazy in Asia and has now popped up in America and the U.K. So what is Cheese Tea exactly? Well it's pretty straight forward, you pour a glass of iced tea and then top it with a layer of whipped cheese.

While we have no idea how this would taste, Kate Springer from Conde Nast Traveler described it as "So rich, I feel a little ill" But she also said:

When I swallow the tea and cheese together, it’s like drinking a refreshing tea milkshake.

This pairing actually works — the salted cheese plays up the tea’s floral notes, and the tea, in turn, tastes smooth and creamy.