Zayn opens up about how he deals with his anxiety

scandal 25/09/2017

It's something a lot of people deal with each day and Zayn wants to help others overcome their anxiety. 

Last year Zayn released an autobiography where he talked about getting panic attacks which would sometimes keep him from performing:

I just couldn't go through with it. Mentally, the anxiety had won. Physically, I knew I couldn't function. I would have to pull out

In a recent interview with Us Weekly, Zayn opene up about how, since then, he's been able to overcome his anxiety and maintain his mental health, even while surrounded by lots of people on tour saying:

Just being straight up, just being honest about everything, explaining what it is that makes you feel uncomfortable, what it is that you're cool with. And making sure that all of that is in order and everyone's got a clear understanding of what that is.

Being able to talk about his anxiety in his biography allowed people to understand where he has coming from and that positive impact it's had on everything:

People now have a better perspective on where I was coming from at the time and just an understanding that it wasn't coming from, necessarily, being ungrateful, shall we say, or not aware of the opportunities that were in front of me, it was just me struggling with being able to actually be there. I'm definitely glad I got that off my chest, as anybody is when you feel like you're keeping something from someone, you have to speak about it and clear up the air.