Your first look at the cast of Married At First Sight NZ

scandal 17/09/2017

Ahead of the premiere on Sunday, October 1, at 7pm on Three, we've got our first look at the cast of Married at First Sight NZ!

It's the first time New Zealand couples will be meeting at the altar in the hope of finding long-term love - so it's time to meet the prospective couples.


  • Age: 26
  • Star sign: Taurus
  • Hometown: Auckland and Palmerston North
  • Where they're based now: Wellington
  • Occupation: website coordinator
  • Most embarrassing fact about them: "When I worked on the cruise ship I have defs had a couple of microphone slip ups including misreading a name and calling for a person named 'Three Cocks' to come and collect their prize. I was cockadoodledooed at by guests for the rest of the cruise."
  • One word that describes their ideal spouse: Ambitious

Bubbly, likeable and positive, Angel is independent, loves life and is ambitious. She has backpacked around the world on her own, worked at Walt Disney World and has spent time as an entertainer on a cruise ship.

Angel readily admits she didn't have a traditional upbringing. She describes her family as very laid-back, quirky and somewhat eccentric, however she wants to find a life partner who is grounded and driven.

Despite having lived a somewhat nomadic life, Angel admits to being lonely and ready to settle down. She loves romance and she also loves typical Kiwi blokes.

Staying healthy and fit is an important part of Angel's life. She adores her nieces and nephews and definitely wants children in the future.


  • Star sign: Gemini
  • Hometown: Tauranga
  • Where they're based now: Wellington/Auckland
  • Occupation: Consultant
  • One word that describes their ideal spouse: Driven
  • Lacey is strong, career-focused and ambitious.

She has no time for lazy people, doesn't like big parties and thinks Tinder sucks. She calls herself a realist, but the romantic side of her will never say no to receiving flowers.

Lacey is from a traditional South African family and has only had long term relationships in the past. Her family mean the world to her and she has an identical twin sister who she says will need to get on with her new husband.

Lacey would like a husband who is driven and takes life seriously, but doesn't take themselves too seriously. She is a risk taker who likes to challenge herself but admits she also likes to be in control.

While she works in Wellington during the week, Lacey travels to Auckland most weekends and spends her spare time with her family in Tauranga.


  • Star sign: Aries
  • Hometown: Picton
  • Where they're based now: Palmerston North
  • Occupation: Function coordinator
  • Most embarrassing fact about them: Snores
  • One word that describes their ideal spouse: Kindness

Claire is energetic, funny, likeable and risqué. Having been married to the same person from age 22 to 47, Claire is now reliving her youth. She took up pole dancing two years ago, loves to have fun, and most definitely doesn't want a grumpy old man!

Claire has two sons and a daughter who are all supportive of her decision, as is her 80-year-old father. She gets straight to the point but also likens herself to a peacock as she likes to get a rise out of people. Her secret addiction is playing Candy Crush on her mobile phone.

Her ideal husband would be a normal Kiwi bloke with good honest family values.


  • Age: 27
  • Star sign: Virgo
  • Hometown: Kaeo
  • Where they're based now: Auckland
  • Occupation: Flight attendant
  • One word that describes their ideal spouse: Loyal
  • Vicky is a real girl's girl who loves makeup, dressing up and all things Disney. She is ready to meet her Prince Charming.

Vicky has had a bad run with previous relationships, leaving her heartbroken on more than one occasion. She admits she seems to meet the wrong men and wants to put her trust in the experts to help her find a life partner. Honesty and humour are key traits that Vicky is looking for, as well as someone who is up for some fun.

Vicky describes herself as an extrovert who loves socialising and dancing. She also loves musicals, theatre performances and stand-up comedy.

Vicky is very close with her family and is looking for someone who can easily fit in with them.


  • Age: 25
  • Star sign: Libra
  • Hometown: Christchurch
  • Where they're based now: Auckland
  • Occupation: Travel and tourism
  • Most embarrassing fact about them: "I'm just an embarrassment daily, haha."
  • One word that describes their ideal spouse: Kind

If Bel looks familiar, then you're not alone. you'll remember Bel from The Bachelor NZ so she's determined to find love in any way possible. She has had two serious boyfriends but neither wanted to commit in the way she did. She has attempted online dating, including dating apps Tinder and Bumble, but they have only resulted in friendships.

Bel is a big softy who openly shows her emotions and considers her dad her best friend.

She is looking for someone who wants to travel and explore the world together, but ultimately someone whom she can settle down with and build a life together.

Bel trained in dance for 13 years and in her spare time likes to garden and bake. She grew up on a farm with six siblings but now lives in Auckland with three girls and her two cats who she adores.

She says a quick way to her heart is coffee, chocolate and a foot massage!


  • Star sign: Sagittarius
  • Hometown and current location: Auckland
  • Occupation: Primary School Teacher

Haydn has always wanted to get married and thought by now he would be. His family is very important to him and he is close to both his parents and his two siblings.

Haydn is a semi-professional wrestler in his spare time and is known as the 'Genetic Pitbull'. However, he loves working with children and is passionate about his job as a primary school teacher.

Haydn wants a caring wife who shares his love of romance and adventure as well as someone who is supportive and will be there for him through the ups and downs.

Haydn is 100 percent committed and ready to meet the right person, settle down and start having a family. He says his family have been incredibly supportive of his decision to take part in the experiment.

He is also currently looking to buy his own home.


  • Age: 26
  • Star sign: Pisces (Nation's sweetheart)
  • Hometown: Silverstream, Upper Hutt
  • Where they're based now: Mt Albert, Auckland
  • Occupation: Insurance consultant
  • Most embarrassing fact: "My drunk decision to get a tattoo on my ribs identical to the one Miley Cyrus has on her ribs."
  • Ideal spouse in one word: Funny

Ben is confident, funny and extroverted. He has lived in several different countries and recently moved back to Auckland from Melbourne because he feels he's ready to settle down.

Ben was raised in a strict Catholic household and grew up with four siblings in what he describes as an idyllic childhood. His parents have been married for 33 years.

He has only had two partners and thinks his over-confidence gets him into trouble as he assumes things are going well even when they aren't.

Ben doesn't drive, loves running, never feels the cold and is a massive history buff. He hates sarcasm and considers loyalty as one of the most important traits in a partner. He wants to find someone who can make him laugh, who is honest and can make a mean pavlova!


  • Star sign: Capricorn
  • Hometown: Auckland
  • Where they're based now: Auckland
  • Occupation: Builder
  • Most embarrassing fact about them: "A little tattoo somewhere!"
  • One word that describes their ideal spouse: Caring

Outgoing, charming and spontaneous, Andrew wants a fun, down to earth partner who can put up with his sleep-talking.

He believes he's still single because he's too trusting of people. He has been lied to and cheated on in the past however is now ready to meet the right person and is a romantic at heart: although he admits his most romantic gesture to date is kissing in the rain.

Andrew is a self-confessed 'klutz' and is an outdoors lover: particularly fishing and general exploring.

He is very close to his family and is looking for a partner who has similar family values and a similar love of the outdoors. He believes strong communication is the key to a successful marriage and is looking for someone who is caring and has integrity.

He currently lives with two other guys.


  • Age: 34
  • Star sign: Aquarius
  • Hometown: Lincoln
  • Where they're based now: Lincoln
  • Occupation: Business owner
  • Most embarrassing fact about them: Have a slight fear of birds
  • One word that describes their ideal spouse: Fun

Brett is open, honest and has a big heart.

He is passionate about sport and plays touch rugby and cricket as well as being an avid mountain bike rider and snowboarder. He discovered cross-fit a year ago which has become a new passion for him.

Brett owns his own wooden sign-making business and his own home. He wants to marry a 'good honest Kiwi girl' who will hopefully share his love of fitness.

Friendly and laid back, Brett has a happy disposition and doesn't like judgemental or pessimistic people.

He currently lives in his house with two of his friends in Christchurch but says he's definitely ready to meet 'the one'. He is a big family man and hopes to have a family of his own one day.


  • Age: 58
  • Star sign: Sagittarius
  • Hometown: Palmy North
  • Where they're based now: As above
  • Occupation: Retired police officer
  • Most embarrassing fact about them: "Riding my police bike whilst it was on fire."
  • One word that describes their ideal spouse: Beautiful

Dominic is half-Irish and half-French and has lived in New Zealand for 12 years. He is tenacious, driven and honest.

Whilst the Irish joker is part of his nature, he has old-fashioned values and is a romantic at heart. He loves food and entertaining, is a keen motorbike rider and has owned over 100 cars in his life. He is currently restoring a vintage caravan in his front garden.

He is looking for a caring and emotionally available woman who shares his sense of adventure and desire to travel. Fitness is also very important to him and he swims and cycles every day.

Dom was brought up in a Catholic family. Although now he has no religious beliefs, he does feel his upbringing has kept him very honest throughout his life. He picks up litter in the neighbourhood when he walks.

Dom has been married before and his teenage children support him fully in his decision to take part in the experiment.


  • Age: 34
  • Star sign: Aries
  • Hometown: Raglan
  • Where they're based now: Auckland
  • Occupation: Warehouse manager
  • Most embarrassing fact about them: "Not sure, embarrassment is subjective."
  • One word to describe perfect spouse: Easygoing

Funny guy Luke has spent most of his life as a professional surfer.

Having had a few failed relationships he genuinely wants to find someone to spend the rest of his life with. Luke has a great relationship with his parents who taught him "it's the imperfect moments that help strengthen a relationship".

Laid-back and humble, Luke loves being near the ocean and has an online following and a YouTube channel called 'The Raglan Surf Report'.

Luke likes honest people, is not materialistic and is looking for a partner who is genuine and shares his open minded attitude to life and his passion for the outdoors.

His tattoos show his cheeky sense of humour: he has one on his thigh of a Tyrannosaurus Rex with a shark fin, wearing an eyepatch and a sombrero, and one on his foot that says, "I love Peanut Butter."


  • Age: 26
  • Star sign: Scorpio
  • Hometown: Technically Brisbane but prefer to call Dunedin home
  • Where they're based now: Christchurch
  • Occupation: Ambulance officer
  • Most embarrassing fact about them: "Peed my pants in front of a room full of people and TV cameras at a primary school competition."
  • One word that describes their ideal spouse: Caring

With a Kiwi dad and an Australian mum, Aaron moved from Australia to New Zealand when he was 12.

Aaron has been single for a couple of years and is not interested in one-night stands or superficial flings. Aaron admits he is not the most patient person because he likes to get on with things quickly.

Hiking and getting outdoors is a big passion, as is DIY, wine and board games. He also loves to travel, is currently learning Spanish and wants to go to North Korea next.

His first relationship lasted five years and he is very close to his parents and two siblings. He is a hopeless romantic and believes compromise is the way forward in relationships.

Aaron was once a resident DJ at a Dunedin night club and randomly won a radio contest for dog barking when he was a youngster.

SOURCE: Newshub.