Writer 'confirms' The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad are in the same universe...whaaaaaaat

scandal 19/09/2017

There are fan theories about Breaking Bad being a prequel to The Walking Dead and now it looks like AMC have confirmed this. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Exactly.

In the most recent episode of Fear The Walking Dead, there's even a nod to Breaking Bad. Madison and Qaletaqa walk into a market, The Ballad of Heisenberg is playing in the background. Yep, the same one from season two of Breaking Bad.

Speaking to Digital Spy, showrunner Dave Erickson said:

"I tried to be subtle with it,

"That was probably the moment when I fell the most deeply in love with Breaking Bad, when they did that cold open music video.

"As we were looking for pieces to incorporate into this world, it had the right vibe to it. It's a gentle nod of admiration and adoration to [Breaking Bad creator] Vince Gilligan."

Yeah, what the heck, right? This could be a bit of a stretch.

But then there are multiple signs that point to the two being connected. Netflix made a video to highlight it, even.

P.s don't worry if you can't be bothered watching it, we'll break it down for you.

1) Blue Meth

In episode two of The Walking Dead, we see Merle's hidden stash of drugs, which just so happens to look exactly like blue sky meth. As fans of Breaking Bad will know, this is the unique drug that turned Walter White into Heisenberg.

2) The Dodge

In season four, episode two, Walt buys a red Dodge with black racing stripes for Walt Jr. because of it's distinctive nature. It's also in The Walking Dead, in the second ep when Glenn steals it. 

However, that's not the only connection. When Heisenberg returns the car after having a fight with Skylar... he returns it to an employee named Glenn.

Rather than paying the $700 'restocking fee', he blows up the car. Well, maybe the employee from Breaking Bad managed to survive the zombie outbreak and become Glenn from The Walking Dead?

3) The Bitch Connection

Daryl discusses Merle's ex-drug dealer. He describes him as 'this janky little white guy' and then quotes him by saying 'I'm going to kill you, b*tch!'. Wait, is that Jesse Pinkman? That would explain how Merle got his hands on a bag of blue sky meth...

4) Gus Fring

This one is not so convincing. Gus literally exits the show by 'walking dead'...hmmm yeah, bit of a stretch but keep listening. Walter's production got more risky as he hung out with Gus. Could he have taken some zombie-inducing blue sky meth just before his death? Was he the first zombie?

What do ya reckon?