This Tumblr post about "How I Met Your Mother" is a mind-blower

scandal 22/09/2017

If you've ever seen watched How I Met Your Mother, you know that Barney Stinson is hella chauvinistic

And this observation from Tumblr user Gingersaurus has us rethinking the entire bloody series.

Here's the post:

UM. So since the whole show is narrated by Future Ted, and since Barney was a rival of sorts where Robin was concerned, could Ted have been painting Barney in a negative light on purpose?

We're not sure exactly that Future Ted was "trying to get his children to approve of him dating Robin again," but the theory might still hold up, regardless.

The kids are the ones that suggest that Ted should go back to dating Robin, and Ted seems surprised by it at first, so that probably wasn't his aim. BUT, in thinking back on past events, doesn't it kinda make sense that Ted would exaggerate the traits of his friends? If Ted had any animosity toward Barney at all, he might — even subconsciously — think of Barney as more of a jerk than he was.

Ted is an unreliable narrator! Maybe everything we know about Barney is an exaggeration! Maybe he DOESN'T EVEN HATE CANADA!