These Polly Pocket palettes are actually perfect

Polly Pocket has always held a dear place in our heart. Like, how CUTE were they? Anyway, it seems that they were ahead of their time, with their pastel colours and chic doll outfits. 

Now, beauty brand Lime Crime are stepping up to the plate to bring us three nostalgic palettes paying homage to the brand.

Lime Crime have brought out snap cases that, yep, can definitely fit in your pocket. They also boast five complementary shades each.

Take your pick from the sunny Pink Lemonade palette:

Go for bold with the hot pink Sugar Plum palette:

Or maybe opt for softer hues with this pastel-leaning blue Bubblegum palette:

Pocket Candy Palettes are $46nzd each or $122 for all three. These are PERF.