The original Harry Potter Hogwarts Acceptance Letter is up for Auction

scandal 07/09/2017

This is about the time we start to wish we had a secret vault somewhere like Harry filled with gold so we could buy this thing!

Prop Store has put an actual Hogwarts acceptance letter from Harry Potter and The Philosophers's Stone up for auction so now you can actual be apart of the legit Wizarding World. TMZ has reported the letter up for sale is the one Hagrid gave Harry on his 11th birthday but those claims hasn't actual been confirmed. 

What has been confirmed though, is this is a 'hero' letter meaning it was one that definitely stood out amongst the hundreds that filled Harry's living room:

The hero envelope features a real red-wax Hogwarts seal, unlike the many entirely printed versions that were also used in the scene. The envelope remains sealed with a letter seemingly contained within.

Originally sold at a charity auction, the envelope is accompanied by a letter of donation from Warner Bros. and a copy of the letter contained within.

The letter is estimated to be sold for around $5,500 - $9,100 (now you see why we needed all that gold to have a chance at buying the letter).