The 'Election Drinking Game' to get you through tonight

trending 22/09/2017

Tonight's a big night for every New Zealander and not just because we're about to find out who our Prime Minister is going to be...

As much fun as it would be to just sit in front on the TV waiting for the final result, it would be just a bit more fun to make a wee drinking game of it. 

You can play with juice, soft drink, water, Alcohol (but remember to drink responsibly ofcourse) what ever you want. Here are our 'Election Drinking Game' rules from The Edge office:

1. Everytime someone mentions a 'seat' in cabinet, the last one to sit down has to take a sip.

2. Every time Patrick Gower is on screen, last one to yell 'This is the f***cking news' has to take a sip.

3. When someone says 'It's too close to call' swap drinks with the person closest to you.

4. If the housing crisis is mentioned, all the boys have to take a shot.

5. When one of the candidates partners are mentioned, all the couples have to take two sips.

6. Choose a team PM and anytime that person says 'voting is now closed' the last one to put their thumb on a table has to take a sip. 

7. When ever you see a handshake on TV, you have to find people to do an awkward three way handshake with, anyone left out has to take a shot.

8. When a reporter touches their ear peice, the last one to touch their ear is in charge of refilling everyones drink's for the next 10 mins.