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Taylor Swift is trademarking a bunch of her catchphrases

scandal 05/09/2017

Taylor Swift fans are pretty excited about all the stuff coming from her. And of course we can't all wait until the album comes out in November. Now they can start daydreaming the swag they plan on buying at her inevitable concert dates, since Taylor Swift has already trademarked lyrics for the merch.

According to TMZ, Swift filed papers so that no one else can put “Look What You Made Me Do” on a t-shirt besides her. She also filed a trademark for “The old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now” to put on hats, notebooks, jewelry, shirts, hoodies, and even a phone stand.

If you're keen to stock up on merch before the album comes out, some of it is already on her website.

There are apparently “I Love T.S.” crop tops. There’s also a shirt that has the song lyric, “Ready for it,” on the front, written in the same style font that Kanye West used for his Saint Pablo swag. DAYUM.

She’s also partnered with UPS to get her picture on the side of some of their delivery trucks. If you see one and snap a selfie with it, you’re entered into a contest to win tickets.