People are loving this hair meme cause guys don't get it

scandal 11/09/2017

Girls all over the world have gone crazy for this meme that Twitter user Peyton created

It's been retweeted about 24,000 times, with that number still growing.

And the best part? A lot of guys dont' seem to get it!

Heaps of guys have commented on the meme asking for an explanation because they just don't see what's so funny about a girl's curly hair...

If you don't get it either, we'll enlighten you. 

Peyton is a hairdresser and she took photos of a client's hair before the curl style was completed and after.

On the left, we see the soft, beautiful waves that the client had asked for and on the right, the thick, tight ringlets that no one would ever ask for.

Basically she's saying the 'nice' ones are you and the, uh, 'not-so-nice' ones are that OTHER girl. Because the other girl is ratchet. 

Peyton said she does the ringlets on the right and then brushes them out so they're a bit more natural looking.