NZ is getting the first KFC with table service

scandal 22/09/2017

KFC's just taken one step closer to being the perfect place to go on a first date...

It's always a struggle finding the perfect reasturant to take your special person to on date night. You've obviously got to find somewhere with food you know they like, but it can't be too pricey (I mean we're wanting to make a good impression not break the bank) and while KFC had both those points covered, now they've finally got the third most important covered too.

That third point is ofcourse having the food brought out to you and they've checked that off by opening a brand new store in Auckland which they've said will be the first in the country to provide table service.

The store will also have kiosks that you'll be able to order your food from but what's going to be the best thing at the new store? The 'extra seasoning' that you ask for every time you go will be on the tables so you now you can load it on yourself!

If you've ever craved some late night chicken you'll love that this store is open till 2am on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays so you can head along after KFC Edgefest's Auckland show!