NZ is about to get a massive heatwave this weekend

scandal 21/09/2017

Don't you love going out to a sunny day in the morning, only for it to start pouring down an hour later, oh wait but then its back to being sunny, oh no....wait.....sorry, now it's cloudy asf again:

The NZ Herald has reported that, this weekend, New Zealand is finally set for some good weather *screams with joy* and it's going to be a warm one too. 

A recent heatwave from Australia is expected to drift from Sydney, across the Tasman Sea, and hit the North and South Island on Sunday and stick around on Monday too. 

While the temperature in Aus is expected to reach 40C this September for the first time in history, the heatwave is expected to lose around 10C by the time it makes its way across the ditch leaving up with a very cosy late 20C - early 30C so get ready for a good weekend!