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Liam Payne struggled with excess drinking during his time in One Direction

scandal 28/09/2017

Another One Direction star - Liam Payne - has opened up about how time in One Direction wasn't as dreamy as we might have all thought.

He has revealed he battled excess drinking and mental health issues during his time in the band. He explained how he would often use alcohol to deal with the emotional stress of being in the world's biggest boyband, he told The Telegraph: "I went through a real drinking stage, and sometimes you take things too far," 

Liam added that he never knew when to stop the party, saying: "Everyone’s been that guy at the party where you’re the only one having fun, and there were points when that was me.""It was just gig to hotel, gig to hotel. And you couldn't sleep, because [fans would] still be outside. People were speaking to me about mental health in music the other day, and that's a big issue. Sometimes you just need some sun, or a walk."

Liam has slowed down a bit and now has a new solo career. But that doesn't rule out him joining One D eventually again. 

Back in December 2016, he shut down reports that the band had split for good, replying to a concerned fan that he's "100% certain" that the gang will reunite on stage soon. Phew.