Kiwi takes out top prize in world gaming comp in Japan

scandal 05/09/2017

Kiwi gamer Timmy Chiew has taken out the top spot at an international gaming tournament.

The Yu-Gi-Oh duel links world champion winner has been playing card games and video games since he was 12. He's now 25. 

Chiew beat 10 of the best Yu-Gi-Oh players at the international competition – in a New Zealand first.

Yu-Gi-Oh has changed a bit since we were kids - the game was played on the app on iPads this time as oppposed to the traditional card game. The app was only launched in the past year, Chiew said.

Chiew has travelled a decent amount for online gaming - it's taken him from his native Palmerston North and new home in Auckland, to America, Australia and Asia, where he's won tens of thousands of dollars.

Chiew says he mostly plays for leisure but could make a living off it if he wanted to.