Kirspy Kreme Doughnut scented candles are here to make your room smell f*kn amazing

trending 15/09/2017

First it was their chocolate spread, then it was their flavoured lip gloss, and now Krispy Kreme has made our day which a whole new product which we need ASAP.

Krispy Kreme has just announced they're going to turn their signature flavours into little scented candles so now you can crave that glazed goodness 24/7.

Along with their Original Glazed candles, Krispy Kreme are also released Powdered Blueberry, and Cinnamon Apple candles:

Right now the candles are only available in the U.K but you can pick them up on Ebay for just under $10

Here's hoping that these candles are on sale when Krispy Kreme finally opens up in NZ next year!