Kim Kardashian's trick for getting rid of makeup stains is actual genius

scandal 01/09/2017

There is almost nothing worse than getting a brand new shirt, looking bomb asf in it before realising that while putting it on you managed to give it a nice big foundation stain...

Before you go throwing away that shirt though, it might be worth giving this trick from Kim K herself a try. Earlier this week she revealed her trick to getting out those annoying stains, drum roll please...

Apparently what you should do is get yourself some shaving cream and then apply it to your stain. Next you should lightly wet your clothes until the stain is gone. If that doesn't work though she also said:

you can also use a drop of rubbing alcohol mixed with the shaving cream. The stain should lift out easily.

We don't know about you but we'll 100% be giving this a try next time we see a stain on our clothes!