Khloe Kardashian did drop some serious clues that point to pregnancy

Heaps of media outlets have been reporting today that Khloe Kardashian is three months pregnant.

The news has not been confirmed by Khloe or her partner Tristan Thompson.

However, if Khloe is pregnant, she may have been trying to tell us for some time and we've been a bit blind until now! 

Get out your magnifying glass and take a look!

First there's this tweet:

Minutes after the pregnancy news surfaced today, Tristan tweeted out a pair of googly eyes with this legion of fans. Is he seeing the news??

Then there's this one...after posting a photo of himself in his Cleveland Cavaliers uniform on his Instagram yesterday, Khloe quickly responded in the comments, "Daddy looks GOOD." 

Khloe also posted a video of her kissing her man on Sep 13. She wrote, "My cutie pie." In the comments section, her man wrote back, "You the fine one honestly momma."

On June 26, Khloe Snapchatted an image that shows Polaroids of the cute couple. Under one of the photos it's written, "Dad + Mom."

On the June 11, season finale of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Khloe admitted she was no longer taking birth control. 

Of course we don't really know for sure until Khloe confirms whether she is pregnant or not but these clues are pretty crazy! Ahhhh well, time will telllll!