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Hugh Hefner’s widow Crystal Harris left out of will

scandal 29/09/2017

Playboy founder Hugh Hefner’s model wife Crystal Harris is expected to inherit nothing after the 91-year-old’s death.

The Sun reports that 31-year-old Harris signed a prenuptual agreement and is believed to have never been added the magnate’s £40 million will.

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However, the model will apparently be “looked after” following the entrepreneur’s death, reports US Weekly.

Hefner died at his LA home of natural causes yesterday, Playboy said in a statement.

Playboy announced no immediate funeral plans, but Hefner is expected to be buried in a plot in a Los Angeles cemetery next to Marilyn Monroe.

Celebrities from Kim Kardashian to Paris Hilton have paid tribute to the flamboyant figure who claimed to have bedded thousands of beautiful women.

Pamela Anderson, who has graced the cover of Playboy more than any other person, posted a poem and teary video to Hef on Instagram.

“Outside of my family you were the most important person in my life,” she wrote. “You taught me everything important about freedom and respect.”

“People tell me all the time that I was your favourite,” she wrote. “You had a piece of paper in your pocket you showed me - with my name Pamela with a heart around it.”

Hefner has four children from two of his previous marriages.

His daughter Christie, aged 64, and son David, 62, were from his first marriage to Mildred Williams.

He tied the knot with Williams in 1949, but the couple split nine years later after she admitted she had cheated on him while he was serving in the Army.