Here's what to watch on Netflix based on your star sign

scandal 09/09/2017

If you're anything like us, you'll have felt like you've managed to binge watch everything on Netflix so you'll be wondering what's next. Luckily for you Glamour caught up with astrologist Valerie Morrissey to find out what show on Netflix would be best suited for you based on your star sign...

Aries, Cancer: Bloodline

This is one drama every Aries needs to watch atleast once. You'll be drawn to Danny Rayburn (played by Ben Mendelsohn) who is the source of discord in this show and since you Aries are a fiery bunch you'll love his fight scenes. Cancers, we'll get straight to the point, you'll just love the Florida Keys setting of the show. Morrissey says "Cancers like to be around the ocean very much so, they need to be around water".

Taurus: The Crown

As a Taurus you'll love a show that, with a fee tiny twists of fate, can lead to an empire's rise or fall and The Crown definitely has alot of though going on. 

Gemini: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Morrissey says " I like to refer to Gemini as the butterfly of the zodiac because they can't stay in one place but they're fun to have around - light, cheery, and really good with kids" which sounds a whole like like Kimmy Schmidt finding out what life is like in New York City.

Leo: Narcos

If you've never heard of Narcos then you're 100% missing out (especially if you're a Leo). It follows the story of the infamous Pablo Escobar at the height of his drug cartel. As you can imagine he had a bit of money sitting in is bank account so he treated self to a pretty sweet lifestyle which Leos will love. "Leos love glamour, fame, and money," Morrissey says. "They like to be in charge and be waited on."

Virgo: Jessica Jones

Virgos are servers; they like to rescue people, to save people," so this is the perfect show for you Virgos. While you'd be suited to pretty much any show that has a superhero in it it's the fact that Virgos are "They are very loyal, but emotionally inhibited" that makes you perfectly suited for Jessica Jones.

Libra: Making a Murderer

Libras seem to love justice and fairness just a bit more than the rest of us and what show focusses more on justice and fairness than Making a Murderer? 

Scorpio: Stranger Things

It could be said that Scorpios are a passionate bunch. It could also be said that Scorpios love a good plot, so you'll love any good drama. This isn't just any drama though, this is one of the best things to ever come out of Netflix and with season 2 just around the corner, Stranger Things is a must watch.

Sagittarius: The 100

Sagittarius, you know just as well as the rest of us that you're a restless bunch. You suffer from a bit of wanderlust and like to seek out stimulation (not that that's a bad thing) So you'll love this dystopian drama.

Capricorn: House of Cards

Capricorns will relate very well with Mr. Underwood from House of Cards. You'll know you're very determined and some people can talk that as a little agressive but hey, who are they to say that about you. "They (Capricorns) prefer to be the power behind the throne. They are a force to be reckoned with."

Aquaries: SENSE8

 "Aquarius is a human sign, they are a revolutionary type of people" exactly like all the main characters in SENSE8 so you'll feel right at home with this show. 

Pisces: Grace and Frankie

Pisces are known for bringing luck and opportunity and people together with is exactly what Grace and Frankies is all about. The show's also all about the strong bond the two ladies bond over the show and if you won't admit it Pisces, you love a good bonding sesh.