Gaz Beadle wants to get married when his baby turns two years old

This really is a different Gaz then what we're use to seeing in the past...

Last month Gaz announced the big news that he and his girlfriend Emma Mcvey were expecting a lil bubba:

Now he's also revealed that he plans on marrying his baby mumma but not till their baby is atleast two years old. During an interview with an aussie radio show, Gaz spoke about tying the knot:

I always said I wanted the baby one-and-a-half to two if you're going to get married, so it's old enough to be there.

Trying to get a bit more out of Gaz, especially about if they're having a boy or girl, the host asked "So, She'd be like the flower girl?" with gaz saying "yeah" before laughing and following up with "boy, boy, aye!"

So whether we'll see a boy or a girl at their wedding, we'll just have to wait and see!