Gaz Beadle and girlfriend Emma announce the gender of their baby!

scandal 19/09/2017

Gaz Beadle of Geordie Shore has announced the gender of his baby.

And he's over the moon because he's expecting a boy!

Gary admitted that he'd hoped for a boy with his pregnant girlfriend Emma McVey.

"It's a boy – I can't wait to have a little mate," he told OK! magazine .

Photo: Ok! magazine

He added: "For me, obviously I wanted a boy, so I’m buzzing."

And delighted Emma said: "We both guessed right. I didn’t mind either way. Gaz really wanted a boy, though."

And Gaz is expecting to have his hands full.

I think he’ll be hyper! He’ll have lots of energy

He added: "I’ve got mates who have little girls, but once they start wanting to wear make-up and putting little dresses on, I wouldn't have a clue what I was doing.

"With a boy at least he’ll get to that age where he’ll want to do sports and I can dress him properly."

Gary last month surprised everyone when he announced he's expecting his first child.