forget 'IT', this new horror TV show will 100% give you nightmares

scandal 25/09/2017

If you've already binged 'American Horror Story' or 'Black Mirror' we've found what you should add to your list next...

the lattest horror TV show is here and we aren't sure how we havn't heard of it before. 'Channel Zero' is SyFy's latest show that looks absolutely terrifying. The series premise is 'creepypasta' which is a trend where writes create online urban legends to give you nightmares like this:


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Rotten tomatoes has rated it 92% which means it must be pretty good. We're still getting over the fact that somehow we missed the full first season which came out last year:

Now the second season has just come out, so if you're up to date, good news because they've released the full first episode for you to watch on Youtube...