Fitness queen Ashy Bines under attack after weak excuse for parking in disabled spot

Fitness guru Ashy Bines has gone on a self-imposed social media blackout after she came under fire because of her parking.

Bines was caught out by her own YouTube video which showed her parking in a disabled space outside her gym.

She was heavily criticised for the move, which then got worse after she admitted on Snapchat she regularly uses the disabled spot  - attempting to justify the move because “we have no members with any disabilities”.

Her husband Steven Evans has said on Facebook “no one deserved to be bullied like this”.

“Ashy will be offline for the next 48 hours whilst I spoil her rotten and enjoy the next 2 days and wait for storm to blow over,” he wrote to a follower.

Before her social media blackout, she closed comments on her Instagram and explained on Snapchat the level of hate she was facing.

“I’ve woken up to comments from people saying they hope the headline news is that I’ve been hit by a bus or that my head’s been smashed in by a golf club,” she said.

Some of the comments that have come through involve my son and harming him or hoping something happens to him. It's gone too far.

“It’s totally unnecessary and I just don’t want any of those comments on my social media. It’s not nice for anyone to read, I don’t want to read it and I don’t want my followers having to defend me and getting into arguments with other people.”

Bines usually records dozens of Snapchats a day but has posted nothing on Snapchat, Facebook or Instagram.