Emma Stone Rejecting Jennifer Lawrence's hug is the most awkward thing we've seen

scandal 13/09/2017

Get ready to cringe...

Ever been in those awkward situations were you run in to an old school friend that you use to be close with you and, in a split second, you've got to think "Do I go in for the hug? will that be weird?"

Yes, yes it will be. Especially if they other person is not feeling the hug at all and now you're going to think of this awkward asf hug everynight before you go to sleep (not that we've ever had that happen to us...)

That's the exact feeling Jennifer Lawrence is going to have after she saw Emma Stone at the Toronto Film Festival this week. The girls crossed paths and said hello, as you would, but Jen thought the moment called for a hug...

Emma did not. 

Like we said, prepare yourself for the cringe before you watch the video below: