Don't fall for this fake viral Facebook post that's freaking people out!

scandal 27/09/2017

Ahhh the old Facebook hoaxes are baaaack!

This time it's in the form of a post that supposedly allows people to see who is stalking or "following" their profile. 

The post explains to users that if they go into their settings, they will be able to see who is "following" their profile without their knowledge and block them.

The post says that by changing some Account Settings, that you'll be able to stop strangers from viewing your full profile.

"If you go into your Account Settings then to Blocking (on left side of screen), then in the Blocked users search bar type in ‘following me’ without the quotes, you might be startled by who is following you.

"Unfortunately, you have to block them one at a time, which is annoying. I had twenty in the list and knew none of them. I blocked all of them. You might share or copy/paste if you found this helpful."

Below is a version of the scam going around:

A lot of people are re-posting the instructions and also posting it on their own timelines. But there is nothing to worry about!

If you do enter the words "following me" without quotes onto the blocking pages, names will appear. HOWEVER, those names are just users who have words "following" and "me" in their profile.

These users aren't actually following you at all.

So, if you see this, don't panic, guys!!

Remember, if you're worried about your privacy settings, you can adjust the privacy of each post you do individually or go into Settings > Privacy and edit how your future posts show up.