Chris Pratt and Chris Evans bromance over 'Which Chris are you?' quiz

scandal 27/09/2017

If you get confused when someone says 'You know that actor? his name's Chris' because tHERE'S SO DAMN MANY ACTORS CALLED CHRIS. Well then you're not alone and now the chris's themselves look to be getting confused too.

Chris Pratt, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth and Chris Pine are the actors all known for their interchangeable roles in Hollywood action blockbusters. 

Guardians of the Galaxy actor Chris Pratt took a 'Which Chris Are You?' quiz on Buzzfeed on Tuesday evening (local time), and it's fair to say he was fairly disappointed with his result. 

"Dude, I suck at quizzes," the actor lamented after receiving the result 'Chris Evans', presumably dismayed to find he was not who he thought he was.

Captain America actor Evans himself responded to the tweet, correcting his pal; "What do you mean? You aced it". 

SOURCE: Newshub.