Boyfriend's hilarious review of GF's tanning mitt goes viral

scandal 25/09/2017

Whether its because you're wanting to look nice for a party, or just because you're over looking like you haven't seen the sun for 3 months, we all know applying fake tan is one of the biggest tasks there is...

One of the biggest struggles is when it comes to tanning those hard to reach places a.k.a your back. That's where this boyfriend comes in to play.

After being roped in by his girlfriend to help her tan each week, Brenton decided to post on Bondi Sands Facebook Page to let them know what he thought of the tanning mitt he was made to use each time:

We weren't the only ones who found this the funniest thing we've ever read (and relatable asf) with the post being liked over 3k times. This comes not long after another upset boyf posted on Bondi Sands wall with the same issue:

Whether or not Bondi Sands decides to help out all the boyfriends going through this same situation, we just wanna give you all a shout out and say we appreciate you.