An official 'Polly Pocket' palette is on the way

trending 13/09/2017

90's kids, we've got some good news...Polly Pocket is back! (kind of).

We'd say get ready to have Polly Pocket back in your house but tbh you've still probablly got some hidden around your house from when you were a kid because we all know how easy those little peices we to lose. 

Beauty brand 'Lime Crime' have taken us on a trip down memory lane with their new palettes, right down to the font choice:

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Yesterday they teased the new palettes without us even knowing posting a throwback pic to Insta asking if anyone remembered the pocket sized toy:

The palettes are set to come out Sepetember 26th so you've got some time to go hunt out your old dolls (because how can you not have them around when you buy one of these) plus you'll have some time to save up $46 for one of the palettes or $123 for all three.