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Why Lorde didn't sing at the MTV VMAs

scandal 28/08/2017

We knew that Lorde was going to perform at the MTV VMAs today. That's why we (along with everyone else) were a little surprised when instead of doing her usual singing and dancing routine, she opted for a dance-only performance to her track "Homemade Dynamite".

Her perfomance was more akin to Sia's performances - an interpretive dance that featured Lorde happily bopping around the stage with a smile on her face.

Fans were a little puzzled and not 100% supportive of her unique dancing.

BUT it seems there was a reason for no live vocals from our fellow Kiwi. On Twitter, Lorde shared photos of her VMA red carpet look—a feathery purple gown. But followed it up with a second tweet.

She admitted that she arrived at the awards with a terrible flu - so bad that apparently she needed an IV before the show.

Damn, ya just can't keep that gal down! What a trooper.