WHOA hold the phone - are Katy Perry and Robert Pattinson dating?

scandal 07/08/2017

The latest celebrity couple rumour is Katy Perry and.... Robert Pattinson from Twilight!

The two stars were seen looking VERY cozy together at a fancy restaurant in LA on Saturday night, and the rumours have been circulating for a wee while.

TMZ snapped this pic of Katy and R-Pats dining together.

There have been rumours the two have been dating after Katy broke it off with Orlando Bloom. As for Robert, the last we heard he was engaged to FKA Twigs...so who really knows what is going on here.

Imagine if this was 2009 - this shizz would literally break the internet.

So, Katy might no longer single.... which is bad news for Dom, who recently is, and who tried his luck with the California Gurls popstar during an interview a few months ago....watch: