WATCH: This video of KJ Apa & Charles Melton at the gym is too hot to handle

scandal 21/08/2017

If re-watching Riverdale for the 1000 time hasn't been enough to keep you going while you wait for season two...

We might have found something to fill that void.

We already knew that KJ Apa is starting a few bromances with his Riverdale cast for example Charles Melton (a.k.a the new Reggie in season 2) and one of their fav activities to bond over by the looks of it is going to the gym:

We definitely aren't complaining, especially when we get to see a video of the pair of them in action. KJ uploaded a video saying:

"A perfect example of someone who clearly needs to drop the weight and focus on form. It's pretty obvious that Charles here has no idea what he's doing but that's where I come into play"

Watch the video below...