Turns out the capes in Game of Thrones are actually just IKEA rugs

scandal 07/08/2017

You know nothing Jon Snow (especially if you think that's some real fur around your neck).

So obviously if you're a fan of Game of Thrones there's two things we can be sure of:

1) You would have appreciated that quality joke
2) You'll definitely know who the Night's Watch are

But if you don't they're a bunch of dudes who guard the Wall that like to remind us of the fact 'Winter is coming'. They also like to dress up in big coats and fur capes because it's cold asf that far North. It turns out though that the show's costume designers have their own little trick to keeping costs down.

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During a livestream last year Michele Clapton revealed that one of those tricks was the fact they use IKEA rugs to make the fur capes.

At around 27 mins in Michele says "These capes are actually IKEA rugs".

We're not sure which rug they buy because it turns out IKEA sells alot of fur looking rugs, like the Tjen, the Rens, and the Alhede but what we do know is that  the the rugs were cut, shaved, dyed and them go througha big process to make them go from this:

To the fur capes we're use to seeing in the show: