Turns out almost half of us treat pets like "starter children" says new study

trending 17/08/2017

So...hands up who's guilty?

If you're mid way through holding your doggo like a baby or tucking it in for a good nights sleep and think "is this normal?" well looks like the answer is yes for a lot of us.

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A new study from business solutions agency Gale foundhtat almost half of us millennials think of having and taking care of animals as "practice" for when they have kids one day.  

Gale studied 20-36 year olds with 44% of them thinking of pets as started kids, and 21% saying that was the main reason they got a pet in the first place.

And this isn't the frist study to find this result, earlier this year a study from Packaged Facts found that pet owners in their 20's think that it'll prepare them for when they become a parent.

So next time your mum asks when you're going to give them a grandchild, just show them a picture of you're lil pupper.