Try not to sh*t yourself while watching this scary asf trailer for 'IT' in Virtual Reality

trending 18/08/2017

Yeeeah, this is a big nope from us. 

If you're in to horror movies, no doubt you'll be excited for the remake of Stephen King's IT which is set to come out later this year.

We on the other hand, know that we'll be sitting in the cinema like:

But if you want to experience that horror before the movie comes out, luckily for you Warner Bros and New Line Cinema have released 'It: Float VR' where you can walk through the streets of Derry and float amongst it's sewers (why you'd want to do that we have no idea)

If you're tough enough to give the experience a go then first of all don't blame us for your nightmares, and second of all...nope that's all we have to say. Here you go: