This is the weird reason you think your dog is a 'racist'

scandal 31/08/2017

If you've ever owned a dog you'll no doubt have had to ask yourself the most awkward question ever..."is my dog a racist?".

Even though to you, your doggo is the most friendly, cute, cuddley thing alive, but when they come face to face with a random of a different ethnicity, fluffles (thats what we've named your dog) turns in to a lil'devil monster with you wondering if fluff-fluff( that's also the nickname we've given your dog) has some prejudiced views.

Good news is no, your dog is not a racist. Instead there's more of a psychological
reasoning for their reaction. Janetta Smith, Animal Behaviour Specialist, spoke with UNILAD and said:

Personally, from experience with clients’ dogs, with my own and observing dogs abroad, I do not believe that dogs are necessarily ‘racist’.

What I have observed on many occasions is that dogs react to ‘strange or unfamiliar’ situations, as well as people’s negative and positive body language reactions.

So pretty much if your dog didn't get to socialise with a wide range of people as a pupper, they're more likely to react to someone they consider 'different' and that aggressive way you're use to seeing when a stranger turns up at the door.