This is how much Kylie Jenner makes off her makeup EACH DAY

scandal 11/08/2017

Damn that's a whole lot of Lip Kits.

If you love looking at your bank account and wishing there we a few more 0's behind that number, we'll get ready to have a lil'cry after reading this.

At only 20 years old, Kylie has made more money than we could ever imagine (and she's only going to keep making more and more). We all knew Kylie was going to be rolling in it since everyone goes crazy for her makeup, us included, but now we know just how much she's made so far thanks to a new interview with WWD.

Her company confirmed that in just 18 months she's made $420  million in retail sales...$420 MILLION!?!

If we break that down, that means she makes $767,123 EVERY SINGLE DAY. At this rate she's expected to become a billionare within the next 5 we need to remind you that she's only 20 years old?