This cheap AF raffle is giving away a $6.7 million Fijian villa

scandal 02/08/2017

This raffle already sounds a lot better than the ones we're use to seeing!

If you're part of the 99% of us freaking out if you'll be able to afford your own home one day, we'll here's your chance (and this way you won't be paying it off for the rest of your life).

A new lottery is raffling of five villas on Fiji's Wavi Island for just...TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS.

Each villa is three-bedrooms and valued at #6.7 million dollar but that's not all you'll win, you'll also score two five-night fully paid for trips to Wavi Island so that you can watch your villa be built.

brb because we're gonna go buy as many tickets as we can afford!

Maybe this could be somewhere you could visit if you win The Edge's Around The World & 50K?