Taylor Swift has just wiped all her social accounts and people are FREAKING OUT

scandal 19/08/2017

Incase you're just only just waking up, It's been a busy morning for Taylor Swift and all her fans...

Firstly Taylor has gone done a massive spring clean on all her social media accounts, and when we say massive, we mean there's literally nothing there any more:

Her Insta:

And her FB too:

And fan's think it's all because we're about to get a brand new song from Taylor (it's alright, we're freaking out too). They think this for a few reasons:

1) It's the 3rd anniversary of her announcing '1989' and that can't just be a coincidence.
2) Her DirectTV schedule show's she's about to go on Good Morning America' so something's up there.

And while Taylor Swift has deleted everything off her website too, one fan think's that they've found a code on there saying the name of her new song: 

The only thing is 'That's What They Don't See' is also lyrics from Shake It Off so we aren't too sure on if that's legit or not but what we are sure of is something is definitely having in the world of Taylor so watch this space!