Love Island's Alex and Montana have officially confirmed their break-up


NOOOOOO! They were one of our faves!

They were eliminated during last night's episode of Love Island (NZ screening time) and we really thought that they would make it, but sadly Love Island's fave girl Montana has confirmed her break-up with the L-Bomb dropping Alex.

Montana even hinted it was Alex's fault the couple didn't make it once they left the villa:

Alex and I have decided to split. Making our relationship work on the outside has been hard. He hasn't been the same since coming out of the villa. Despite this we are still close and I will always support him.

Alex also commented on the split....Minus the shade....

Me and Montana met yesterday and have decided that it's best to call it a day with relationship with each other. It's been very hard on the outside to make us work how we desired. I still have strong feelings towards her and will be remaining close friends and supporting her throughout everything.

With the big finale finally screening in NZ this week, WHO will win Love Island?

While we think it should be Kem and Chris, out of the actual couples, who do you think will win the $50,000?

Kem and Amber? Chris and Olivia? Marcel and Gabbi? Or Camilla and Jamie?


- Shaz