Sephora add new section to their website for your 'other' needs

scandal 31/08/2017

Sephora has stepped up their game and are now keen to have their customers feeling beautiful inside and out! 

Makeup and skin care makes us feel amaze on the outside, but what do you use to feel amazing on the inside? 

Diet and exercise always help but a lot of people are also leaning towards beauty powders and proteins to help boost them inside. 

It's not always easy to find the perfect products so Sephora have helped us out by adding a Wellness section to their website. YUS.

The new section feature some of the best wellness products out there including Elle McPherson‘s Welleco products...

Amazing supplements and powders from The Beauty Chef...

And the chicest wellness brand of them all, Cilk!

We cannot wait for this range to expand even more! This section can only get bigger and we're here for it.