Selena Gomez's Instagram was just hacked with nudes of Justin Bieber being posted

The latest celeb to have there social media hacked is none other than one of our favs, Selena Gomez.

Early this morning hackers were able to take over Selena's Insta, the most followed account with over 125 million followers. The hackers changed the name and bio on her page along with posting nudes of her ex Justin.

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For privacy reasons, and the fact that we'd hate for this to ever happen to anyone, we aren't sharing the pictures that were posted but it didn't take long for Selena's team to take back her account and remove them herself.

Kirsten Stubbs from Selena's record label tweeted out to let her fans know that they had temporarily taken down her account to make sure everything was back to normal with thankfully is the case with her Insta all back up and running again!