See Calvin Harris' reaction as he gives zero f**ks about Taylor Swift's new music video

scandal 30/08/2017

As you're totally aware already, Taylor Swift dropped her new music video for her track "Look What You Made Me Do" at the MTV VMAs on Monday. 

The world sort of lost their sh*t over it but there was one person who was seen to give zero f**ks about it - her ex Calvin Harris.

During the video premiere, Harris - who is sitting at the front in a white spotty shirt - is seen talking to his friend, looking around and then - at the end - blatantly NOT clapping. Awks!

The music video can be seen ending at 1:16 in the vid below. Check out Harris' reaction - or lack thereof. 

Then again, how much would it suck to have your ex's work rubbed in your face while the whole world watches.