Robert Pattinson says 'yes' to another Twilight film

scandal 16/08/2017

Great news for Twilight fans!

Robert Pattinson set hearts on fire with his icy performance as a generation's most famous bloodsucker, Edward Cullen.

Since then, the Twilight star has made some very unenthusiastic comments about the franchise, but it seems he isn't quite ready to rule out a return.

In a recent interview with HuffPost, the actor was asked about statements made recently by Lionsgate CEO that "there are more stories to be told" within the Twilight story.

When told about it, Pattinson said it was news to him, and exclaimed "yes!" with faux-enthusiasm. However, when challenged whether this meant a hard no, he responded: "Well you never know... It did inspire me at the time. And really it's kind of awesome."

He did refer to having "paparazzi PTSD" from the saga, and seemed surprised by continuing media interest in him, saying he's "basically... been really under the radar for years."

His co-star Kristen Stewart has persistently dodged questions of whether she'd return, although she has admitted she would read a new Twilight book should it be released. 

The pair infamously split up back in 2012 with Stewart citing media attention as the reason for their relationship's demise.