Raven Symone has just said she would totally come back for 'Princess Diaries 3'

scandal 18/08/2017

We've found someone else just as excited as us!

In case you missed the memo, earlier this year author Meg Cabot says a script has already been written for Princess Diaries 3 and as for being turned in to a movie, she said "it could happen" soon. 

Which as you can imagine had us like:

And someone else who would be up for seeing the Princess of Genovia again is Raven Symone who you might remember played Princess Asana in the second movie. Not ringing any bells? she had a duet with Julia Andrews? still not? Argh just watch this then:

There you go, now you're up to speed. Since the possibility of a third movie is getting better and better, Buzzfeed asked Raven if she would ever take up her role as Princess Asana again.

"Do I get to sing with Julie Andrews again?!" she asked. "Yeah, I’m going back on Princess Diaries 3! If I get to sing with Julie Andrews again, that would be awesome! I mean, I’m a Mary Poppins fan, so that’s just heaven for me"

Now we're even more excited than before!